Five Reasons Video Should Be Part of Your Marketing

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There are several reasons you should look at commercial video production and communication as good option for you and your customers: InGaAs camera

  • Accessibility – Video enables you to communicate with your audience in a way that is easy to engage with. Support your messaging and communicate your ideas with the power of compelling images, voice, music and motion graphics on your website, on DVD or through various broadcast outlets.
  • Creativity – The creative possibilities of video are expansive. From animation and motion graphics to documentary storytelling and humorous talent, there are a wealth of fertile possibilities with video.
  • Time Efficient – Video has the power to communicate complex ideas in a quick and powerful manner. While print and web are effective communication tools, relaying complex ideas and concepts can be done in a fraction of the time with video.
  • Cost Effective – Seeking a strong return on investment? Then video is a great option. When executed creatively and efficiently it can reach your customers as a cost effective part your marketing campaign. It’s the next best thing to personal selling.
  • The Power of Storytelling – Customers buy from people and companies they know and trust. If they know you and why you’re doing it they are more likely to choose you. Video can deliver your message in a compelling and persuasive manner.

With so many media opportunities available today, audiences tend to want to engage quickly, understand the message and move on.

Video as an integrated part of your communication ensures they’ll absorb your messaging in way that will leave them wanting more.

How you distribute your message to your audience is a very important last step in the production process. In years past we developed heavily in Flash because of its near universal consistency and endless creative bounds. Not anymore.
We have a new website.

‘Really’, you say? ‘That’s your announcement’?

Maybe you didn’t notice because it looks pretty much the same as the old one, but our website has actually been completely rebuilt from the ground up. It runs on a WordPress engine so it’s a snap to update. And in areas we used Flash we’re now detecting your browser and then displaying JQuery versions when you are on an iPad or other mobile device. see@What We Do

Video is now being served via Vimeo, a site we feel does the best job of both detecting and showing the right stream depending on your device. It also gives you full screen. And it’s really affordable. And we don’t have to encode it 5 times for 5 different stream types. see@Portfolio

Lastly, we’ve added a knowledge section. Our team lives with motion media every day. We’ve seen what works, we track what’s new and are always working to stretch our creative bounds. So we’re going to be adding articles and information to help spark ideas and de-mystify the production process.

These efforts are about being accessible and doing what works. These same strategies are ones we’re recommending to our clients when they start planning their video production projects because distribution matters.

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